Address: Dr. Fazil Küçük Boulevard, Industrial Zone Entrance, Next To Alpet, Nicosia / T.R.N.C
Tel: +90 392 444 0267     Tel: +90 392 225 6814     Tel:+90 392 225 5809
CMR Group is a big Company operating in North Cyprus, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Germany with more than 100 employees.

The best asset of this company are its human resources who are able to take fast strategic decisions and who are also able to work actively well aware of their full responsibilities. The Company aims to continue its expansion with this dynamic workforce.

To achieve this CMR Group plans the following for its employees;

  • Create an atmosphere through which each employee can develop personally and professionaly,
  • Provide an environment for continuous lifelong learning,
  • Set up and use systems which will correctly identify individual personal capabilities,
  • Measuring and evaluating the performances with objective criteria.
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